In an article published today (12/09/17) by NyTeknik, a Swedish Magazine focusing on the car industry, digitalization, innovation and technology in general, focus is put on an on-going project regarding the development of an electronic crew transfel vessel (CTV). The idea is to use this vessel for operation and maintenance of offshore windpower turbines. The project is currently under development with the hopes of recieving financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency. Stefan Ivarsson, Project Manager at RISE (Research Insitutes of Sweden) who is one of the project partners, is quoted in the article as saying:

“Our project partner Vattenfall, who owns offshore wind farms, have realized that in order to be 100 percent renewable, they must also think about operation and maintenance infrastructure. This means that they cannot have work boats ejecting carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur and other particles.”

RISE is now hoping that the possible financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency will lead to a feasibility study.

Source: NyTeknik

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