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About us

OffshoreVäst is a cooperation project which started in 2013 and can be seen as a platform for interaction and innovation. We bring together some of Sweden’s best in the offshore sector with the goal of developing together. By drawing upon the strong industry of Sweden, we are developing an internationally recognized offshore industry in the Swedish west coast area.

Owned by the actors

OffshoreVäst is owned by its consortium members, consisting of several companies, universities, research institutes and public authorities with an interest in the offshore sector. Driven by our will to improve, we make innovation and development a reality for all of our members.

Our future starts today

In OffshoreVäst we believe the future starts today. Therefore we have established a close partnership with several of the major Swedish contributors in the offshore segment, as well as three universities with a focus on maritime industry and offshore development.

The solutions of tomorrow

The Projects within OffshoreVäst is directed to target specific gaps and problems in the market identified by our members. Through the creation of strong R&D environments with a focus on efficient knowledge transfer to SMEs, we support the competitiveness of the Swedish suppliers to the offshore segment. We know that the solutions of tomorrow can be found on our own backyard, therefore we try to take advantage of the high level of expertise which can be found within Sweden.

Five focus areas

At the moment, we at OffshoreVäst have structured our work through five different thematic working packages (WP) as a response to the needs of the market. Aditionally, the work packages consists of four technical ones and a fifth focusing on the cooperation between research and the industry as well as students and education within offshore. The technical WPs are: Ocean Energy (WP2), Wind energy(WP3) and Bioenergy (WP4). The last and final WP is Offshore Academy (WP5) which is managed by Chalmers University of Technology.  

Need more information?

You are always welcome to contact us for specific information regarding previous work and/or our upcoming projects etc. See our contact page for details.