”Vindenergi till havs”

”Vindenergi till havs” or ”Offshore Wind” (English translation) is a subnetwork within OffshoreVäst which focuses on offshore wind power. ”Vindenergi till havs” brings together Swedish competence and dedication in a common platform with the purpose of developing the Swedish offshore wind power industry. This means everything from supporting Swedish companies to promoting wind power in general.

Our main focus so far has been to develop a Strategic Research Agenda for Wind Energy and Energy Grids at Sea – an industrial perspective. The Agenda was finished in 2016 and is based on information from interviews, surveys and forums with the current Swedish actors in the wind industry.

”Vindenergi till havs” focuses on Horizon2020  and aims to help develop the offshore wind industry nationally and internationally. The network is part of our innovation arena OffshoreVäst.

More information will come but right now there is only information in Swedish at http://vindenergitillhavs.se

For further information about the subnetwork or wind power in general, please contact our Work Package Manager Tanja Tränkle

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