On the 10th of November, OffshoreVäst and Skånes Vindkraftsakademi hosted an event in Trelleborg with offshore wind power in focus. Project managers Tanja Tränkle and Jakob Economou share their thoughts in this text.

What did you personally think about the event?

[Jakob:]  “I am very pleased with the seminar, we have received a lot of positive feedback. Many known players in the Swedish industry attended the event and that just shows things are really starting to happen regarding offshore wind power in Sweden. The fact that we had representatives from Vattenfall, E.ON and Ørsted attending the event, companies that stands for a large majority of the current offshore wind power constructions in the world, which was really fun. I thought we did a good job connecting the global challenges to the local ones.”

[Tanja:] “It is without a doubt that offshore wind power is starting to become competitive also in Scandinavia. The interest shown by the world leading companies in the Swedish offshore wind market is just a step on the way to full-scale renewable energy production in southern Sweden. The region is once again becoming an important link to Europe, this time as part of the ongoing energy transition in the Energy Union. That was actually another lesson from our seminar, the fact that increased electricity export from Sweden will not only be needed, but also be possible in the future.”

What will you take away from the event?

[Jakob:]A lot has happened during the last year which I don’t think anyone could really anticipate; Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy), has opened up to the idea of building offshore wind power in Sweden, Vattenfall is looking towards production on the Swedish side of Kriegers Flak already in 2023 and plans are also being made regarding construction of foundations at Varvsudden in Landskrona etc. I hope that the cooperation between Skånes Vindkraftsakademi, OffshoreVäst and RISE will only keep going and that this is just the start.”

[Tanja:]  ”We need to arrange more meetings between stakeholders with different perspectives and also keep encouraging communication. It is of great importance that everyone can understand and also value in this case the development of offshore wind power. Actors that are proactive and responsive to the needs of different stakeholders will probably have an advantage. It is important that we now invest our energy in the local and regional businesses of southern Sweden to make sure they prepare themselves in the best way possible. Offshore wind power is a lot more than just electricity, together we need to create the right opportunities in order to land the largest amount of investments possible in Swedish companies. This will not happen on its own.”

What happens next?

[Jakob:]  ”We will apply for funds to continue and also to intensify our current work. This is just the start! Region Skåne is of course very interested in having more renewable energy production here (in South Sweden), and that these possible multibillion investments can happen in the best way possible for everyone involved.” 

[Tanja:]  ”We will create a plan for necessary activities which we have identified, we will discuss this plan with a couple of key organizations in order to make it as good as possible and also we need to find a fitting setup. Anyone who would like to know more is welcome to contact either me or Jakob, after all, we have already started.”

For more information, contact:

Jakob EconomouProject Manager Skånes vindkraftsakademi
+46 728 – 85 49 45

Tanja Tränkle, Work-Package Leader OffshoreVäst/ Project Manager RISE
+46 105 – 16 57 19

Feel free to read our brochure (Swedish) or look at the presentations from the event which can be found here.

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