Expression of interest for further collaboration on the topic fire safety of wind turbines

Fire safety of wind turbines has been the topic of a workshop in September 2016 in Copenhagen, carried out by SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden and OffshoreVäst. At the workshop, the topic was discusssed with experts from both wind industry, fire safety system and suppliers from all over Europe as well as researchers in the field of fire safety. As a result a project will be formed in the coming months. We want to apply for funding from EU on the programme Horizon 2020. The project will provide solutions on a long term perspective for the participating industry.

We hereby invite you to engage in finding the most urgent and important questions in the field of wind turbine fires, and form new project with us in the coming month. By filling in the form below, you declare your interest in the project. You can withdraw at any time. We will use the information provided by you to contact you, to submit information on the progress of the project and as input for shaping the Project.

We will call for a new meeting in the coming weeks.

Kind regards

Guillermo Rein, Reader at Imperial college, London

Anne Dederichs, Senior researcher at SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark

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